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It was free-time time in W. Academy, the teacher was out of the room dealing with other matters, and the BTT was flirting with your friends. Again.
"Hey! ____! Dude! Helloo?" America yelled at you, as if you didn't already feel his presence.
You put down your book, sighed and mumbled, "I was getting to the good part..." You then looked at America, "What's up?"
He grinned, "Dude, do you know what day it is today?"
"Yeah," You nodded, "it is the 14th of February. So?"
"You know... I thought maybe you would like to--"
"Oh!" You interrupted, "It's the second-last day before the school goes on holiday! Time goes by so quickly~!"
"Yeah, yeah it does, but I was kinda thinking if-"
"Oh my!! It's my relative's birthday today too! Thanks for reminding me Al~!"
"You're welcome, no, sorry, er, I was actually wondering--" But he soon stopped and stared at you while you took out your phone out to text your relative a happy birthday.

To be honest, you were quite sure of what day it was but you casually tried to hide your blush and dodge the subject. Your fingers shook while you texted, you could feel his fixed stare on you. America was your best friend and you were nervous on this particular day since he was also your crush. You quietly sighed as you finished the text. 'Don't lose your cool in front of America now ____!' You told yourself as you looked away from your phone and gazed into America's beautiful baby blue eyes. Wow, they were so pretty, so blue, you could look at them for ages..

"_____," He said in a serious tone, causing you to sit up straight from shock and grabbing your attention.
"Y-yes?" You stuttered.
"Doyouwannacomewithmetothefairtonight?" He quickly asked.
"Sorry, wha?" You laughed, "I didn't hear you..."
He took a deep breath, "I said, do you wanna come with me tho the fair tonight?" His gaze on you not leaving.
He only spoke a bit slower than before, but at least you understood what he said, "Yeah, I'll go, it sounds like fun!" You smiled at him.
"Alright!" He happily said, his kind, cheery self returning. "I'll pick you up later at 6:30!"
'Wait, what? Did America just ask me out?'
And with a wink and a wave of good-bye, he left you with your mouth slightly open, and walked up to Gilbert, Antonio and Francis. The gang of girl countries then gathered around you.

"Hey ____," Belgium waved at your day-dreaming face, "was that America just talking to you?"
"Ooh! What did he say ____?" Liechtenstein softly said, leaning forward.
"Huh? Yeah, he asked me to join him at the fair tonight." You said casually as the more girl countries crowded around you.
"Aww~ Our little ____ is growing up~!" Ukraine softly in a motherly tone. Everyone else nodded in agreement.
"W-What do you mean?!" You stuttered, "Huh? Hungary? Are you alright?"
"Yeah," Hungary mumbled walking towards the group, scratching the back of her head. "Prussia was being a pain again and I really wish I could bring my frying pan to school," She sighed as she sat down onto her seat. "So what's going on here guys?"
Liechtenstein giggled, "____ was asked out~!"
"What?! No way?!" Hungary said with wide eyes, "Please don't tell me it was Prussia again!"
"N-no I---"
"Big Brother Russia~! Where are you?! I am going to give you some chocolate and marry you if you like it or not!!" Belarus creepily said, holding a box of Belarusian chocolate.
"That reminds me~ Big Brother~!! Here are some Belgium chocolate~!" Belgium giggled, waving at Netherlands.
"I'll give this to Big Brother," Liechtenstein softly said, holding a parcel neatly wrapped.
"Mr. Austria~! I have some Hungarian chocolates for you~!!" Hungary yelled across the room, looking through her bag.
"Oi! Hungary! What about the awesome Prussia's chocolate?!" Gilbert yelled at Hungary with a smug look.
"____." She said, her fists tightly clenched, looking irritated. "I really need my frying pan. Now would be nice!"
You laughed awkwardly, "Calm down, Ms. Hungary, Prussia is just Prussia?"

~~~After School!~~~

You sighed softly as you finally left the cold outdoors and waltzed into your warm house. School was lively and hectic as always. You then placed your school shoes neatly away, ran upstairs, hung up your purple blazer and the rest of your uniform, changed into warm (f/c) pajamas and then made your way back downstairs. "Time to eat, I guess!" You laughed as you peeked in your cupboard.


The cupboard was empty! You mentally screamed in your head and remembered that you were supposed to go shopping today. Well, at least you had a large lunch. Oh, and if you left to go shopping now, you probably won't have time to get ready to do your chores and get ready for the fair with America tonight. Speaking of which, there was a large pile of dirty plates in the sink and mountain of your clothes waiting to be folded too. You sighed as you busied yourself with housework. Sooner than you thought, it was 6:00.

"Poo! I need to get dressed!" You said, quickly placing the newly folded clothes into your dresser only to take them out and get changed again. "I know this is probably just a casual outing, so I'll wear... hmm.. Ah this! Oh wait it's cold since it is just February, erh," You sighed deeply, you had to find a suitable outfit - fast.

You soon settled for a (f/c) checkered long sleeves, casual jeans and some light make-up. It was now 6:28, America would be by your door any minute!
'Argh! Where are those shoes? They always disappear when I need them!' You scowled, looking for your matching (f/c) converse.
Ding Dong! The doorbell sang loudly, signaling that you had a certain visitor.
'Oh no! America is here! Already?!'

You opened the door, revealing a widely grinning America at your doorstep. From what you saw in front of you, he wore a sporty jumper, baggy jeans and was topped off with large headphones hanging loosely around his neck.

"Yo ____! You ready to go?" He cheerily said as usual.
"Hahah, in a few seconds maybe? I can't seem to find my shoes..." You sighed, "Wanna step in?"
"Yeah, thanks," He said stepping into your doorway, his eyes wandered a bit then stared behind you. "Are those your shoes?" He said pointing at a pair of (f/c) converse on the stairs.
You mentally facepalmed, 'How could I not notice that?!' and turned to fetch them. "Stupid shoes," You mumbled under your breath.
"Hm? What's up ___?" America then asked, tilting his head and raising an eye brow.
"No, nothing," You laughed, slipping on the shoes, "I swear I can't notice things that are right in front of me."
"R-right.." America said.
'What was up with that response? I thought he'd reply back with something else than that...'
"Er, ____, are you ready to go?" He asked you, interrupting you and your thoughts.
"Y-yeah! Let's go Al!" You replied, grabbing your bag.

Alfred opened the door, held it open for you and shut it once you stepped out. A chilly breeze greeted you outside, it was quite dark and the street lights were already on, you wanted to turn back now and grab your forgotten jumper but it would seem stupid to turn back and get it now though. You laughed and chattered alongside America, you had completely forgotten everything. It was warm when America was with you.

Sooner than you hoped, you both arrived to the fair in your town square. The bright colourful lights lit the sky and the loud cheery screams surrounded you.

"Wow!" You giggled, looking around. "Where shall we go first?"
"I don't mind, _____, as long as I'm with you, I can face even the most totally scary rides."
You blushed, 'How would he say that nonchalantly?!'
"S-sure," You stuttered.
"Y-yeah ___," He said, turning his face away from yours. You didn't know this, but, America was turning bright shade of red.

Together, you went on several rides, screamed, laughed and enjoyed each other's company. America had bravely stepped in with when you wanted to go to the haunted house, and you knew that he was petrified of ghosts more than anything. Yet, so were you.

You both crept through the haunted house, your eyes gazed at a young girl who was crying in a dark corner. You quickly stopped in your tracks and walked closer to the child. "Hey, are you alright? You're not lost are you?" You turned your head around to tell America to wait when you found he was gone. "I guess, we're both lost now," You laughed, making the best of the situation, even though you were trembling inside.
"You'll stay with me, right, Miss?" A voice whispered eerily.
"You'll stay with me forever, right? Right?" She turned her face to look at yours.
You saw what you hoped was not real. Her face was half-burnt with scars, she had big bulgy eyes which stared at you and she wore a mischievous grin. Shivers were sent down your spine as you jumped back in surprise. "Whoa!"

"Shhh," She whispered, holding a finger in front of her mouth as she giggled and crept back into the darkness.

"Alfred!!!" You yelled at the top of your voice, "Alfred!"
You didn't want to get lost and terrified that that again! Not alone anyway!
Just then, a hand grabbed your arm, there was heavy panting behind you and the pitch-black room was only lit from small candles. You couldn't help but to scream louder than ever.
"Whoa! Dude! ____! It's me!" America yelled, surprised, and a bit out of breath.
Your legs gave way and you would've collapsed if America wasn't holding you.
"Sorry, it was so dark I didn't notice you were gone! I am so sorry for leaving you behind!" He quickly said.
"I-it's alright," You said, still shaking, at least he came back for you. "this means we can get out of this place together right?"
Even in the dark, you saw him smile, "I won't leave you again, promise." You saw his hand stretched out at you, "C'mon, I wanna get out of this place as soon as possible dude!"
You giggled and took his hand, "Thanks Alfred."

All through that horrifying haunted house, you held his hand, you were too afraid of getting lost again. No, that was partly a lie, you actually wanted to savor the time and warmth you had with America before he let go. Soon, you finally made it out.

"Oh my gosh! I am so happy to get out of that place!" You cheerily laughed once again.
"I'm kinda glad to make it out in one piece!" America chuckled, squeezing your hand.
Oh yeah, you were still holding hands so, out of embarrassment, you quickly let go of his hand and awkwardly laughed. Your hand quickly became cold again, and you missed the warmth of his.
"Aww _____, your hands were warm!" He pouted. It was as if he read your mind! "I don't mind holding your hand ____" He softly said.
"W-what? Sorry America, I forgot we were holdi-" You were interrupted by your stomach loudly growling. The large lunch you thought you had, didn't last you long at all! You wrapped your arms around your stomach, "S-sorry..."
"What are you apologizing for gal?" He laughed loudly, "You're hungry right?"
You slightly nodded, "Y-yeah..."
"Then what are we doing here, standing and doing nothing? We have a stomach to fill!" He grinned, "C'mon let's go find some food!"

You soon found yourself on a "food hunt" with America, looking through different food booths around the whole fair. Then, in a blink of an eye, America suddenly stopped - causing you to bump into him.
"Ow!" You said softly against his back, he was warm. "A-ah! Er.. Sorry, but why did you stop so suddenly?!"
He turned around, his eyes twinkling in excitement, "Dude! Hamburger stand!"
You knew he loved hamburgers more than anything, "Why don't we grab some then?"
"Dude, I am way ahead of you! Let's go!" He said, grabbing your hand and quickly walking to the booth. Yeah, this is the guy you really liked, a funny, cute, love-able guy like America. Unknowingly, you held hands during the long wait to the counter of the stand, you enjoyed the warmth which then was taken away when America let go to grab the food.
You saw him buy two, was he cutting down on the amount of food he had? That was a first! Even though America is quite muscular, he eats like a pig! Normally, you would see him in school either drinking soda or holding a half-bitten hamburger. You didn't mind this though, everyone had some sort of food obsession. You thought about your favourite foods when America's waving hand interrupted you.
"Dude, why you spacing out bro? Anyway, here is yours." He said jokingly, handing you a hamburger.
"T-thanks Al-- wait, why are you giving me a burger?"
"'Cuz" He finished, unwrapping his burger.
"Er, thank you very much, but if you'd like me to pay next time..."
"Nah, I can't let a pretty lady pay for me," He said, his eyes drifting upwards to a ferris wheel which was close by, "Dude, why don't we eat there?" He had complimented you, again, and you blushed even more madly when he held your hand, "Let's go ____!"
'He has a really outgoing, sweet personality,' You laughed, "Sure Al,"

You sat down next to America on a cute (f/c) seat which soon raised higher to the top. Firstly, you were scared of falling since you were also terrified of heights but then you soon relaxed when a hand was placed on yours.
"Are you alright?" It was America, his face looking worried. "Sorry I made you come here, I had kinda got caught in the moment and forgotten you hated heights..."
Whoa! He remembered that?! It was a conversation you had with him ages ago! You talked about your worst fears and America would always say that he wasn't scared of anything since he was a hero. You knew he was lying though; your close friend Japan told you that he had been "rearry" freaking out during horror films. "Yeah, I fine now, I am not as scared as I was in the haunted house though!"
"Dude! Oh my gosh, that was terrifying! Did you see a pale, thin man carrying a torn-off arm around with him? He was totally a proper zombie!" He yelled in excitement, slightly rocking the seats you were both on.
"I stopped for a girl who was crying, turns out - she was perfectly fine with a half burnt face. But really, she did freak me out a bit!"
"That's when I forgot you... right?"
"No, it was really my fault for stopping,"
He went silent for a bit, "That's when you started yelling out my human name..."
You gasped, "Oh yeah! S-sorry, I dunno what came over me but I just--"
"____." He said sternly, causing you to stop.
His eyes then softly gazed at you and he tenderly smiled, "I was so happy,"
"So you don't mind me calling you Alfred?" You asked, a blush heating your face.
"No," He smiled, "do you mind being my valentine?"
'Wow! He's so forward!' You also smiled, "Not if you mind being mine..."
"I've liked you for a long time now, _____," His face went closer to yours, and he stared deeply in your eyes, "Thanks for coming with me to the fair,"
You stared in his eyes, you didn't see a hint of lies. "Y-yeah, you're welcome... I-I've liked you for a long time too," You blushed, looking away. "I like being with you,"
"I guess were both the same then," He chuckled. He softly gripped your chin, turning your head, "I love you, ____,"
"I love you too, Alfred," You finally said before your lips connected.

(Extension for those who want to keep reading~)

You both pulled back from the sweet kiss, blushing.
"I guess we're a couple then?" He asked, his eyes gazing at yours.
"Yeah," You placed your hand on his, gazed back into his eyes and smiled, "we're a couple now!"
He was about to lean in for another kiss when, "Er, Al, I think we have to get off now... The ride is over..."
He looked at an angry man who was impatiently tapping his foot. You laughed at his embarrassed face.
"C'mon let's go." You giggled, tugging his hand.

"___, the fair is almost over..." He sighed, then a bang erupted and his face lit up with multiple colours.
"Fireworks?" You said staring at the sky as explosions of colour decorated it. "Wow, they're beautiful!"
Alfred simply nodded, "But they're not as beautiful as you..."
You blushed, your face getting redder and hotter.
The fireworks soon ended and many people in the fair cheered, "I guess it is time for us to go then." You sighed.
"Want me to walk you home?" He asked, grinning.
"Yes, that would be nice." You smiled back, moving closer to him so that your arms touched.

As you both strolled to your house, chatting energetically and still holding hands, a strong gust of icy wind blew through you. You tensed up at the sudden coldness. 'Oh yeah, I have no cardigan with me..."
And, as if he read your mind, Alfred took of his jacket and wrapped it around you. It was soft, warm and smelt like Alfred's cologne. He now wore a short-sleeve t-shirt with 'Hero' written boldly across it, showing off his muscular arms. He ate a lot of junk food but seemed to have gained no weight!
"Dude, you should've told me you were cold!" He chuckled, "And if you're thinking whether I am alright lending you my favourite jacket, it's cool, it's a dude's job to make sure his girl knows she's special!" He laughed.
"Thanks." You shyly said, blushing. What he said was true, you felt really special and a tiny bit spoiled.

Sooner than you had hoped, you had both reached your house. You both stopped to say your goodbyes.
"Thanks for a lovely day Al!" You beamed, hugging him.
"Dude, we should have another date some other time..." He said, wrapping his arms around you.
You giggled, "Sure, anywhere would be fine as long as I am with you! You made the fair so much fun!"
He let go, "The fair was awesome and I think it was because you were there! Oh... think about it, dude, Prussia would be jealous of the fair being awesomer than him!!" He then leaned in for a kiss. A short but sweet kiss passed by, "See you at school tomorrow _____."
"Yeah, see ya Al!" And with that you waved goodbye and closed the door.

(Somewhere in the bushes)

"Fusososo, hey Gil, a fairground is more awesome than chu are!" Spain cheered.
"Ohononon~ I guess ____ is taken now~!" France laughed.
"Kesesesesese! No vay is a fair better than the awesome me!!" He then realised something, "VAS!? ___ is taken??!"
"Oui, our darling ____, is all grown up." France sighed and dramatically rubbing his eyes with his fingers as if tears had fallen.
"Sí, she is..." Spain agreed patting Prussia's back sympathetically, "I guess chu are better off with Hungary~!" 
"Vas?!" Prussia yelled, "Hungary?! Vhy does it have to be Hungary?!" 
"Oi, Toni, you 'ave to watch out when you say that!" France scolded, narrowing his eyebrows, "Remember, why frying pans were banned from ze school?!" 
"Oh yeah, they were counted as dangerous weapons...."

"Yeah, and I plan to murder you all with one..." Hungary said behind them, her arms crossed.   
"Vere did you come from?!" 
"I was just walking by when I heard some yelling from the bushes outside ____'s house. And when you spy on people, especially on my precious ____, I will not forgive you!"
Bonk! Bang! Plonk!


(Note from me: Surely, if they weren't countries, they would've died of concussion...
Now we know why frying pans could be counted as a dangerous weapon.)

(Edit) :squee: It has been extended!! :iconyayamericaplz: Thank you for the lovely people who read this and wanted more~! It really meant a lot! Woo~ Now the story is a tiny bit longer~! :faint: I hope you enjoyed the story~!!! :meow:

:happybounce: Happy Valentine's Day my lovelies~! :squee:
(Well, this was supposed to be uploaded on the 14th... I just forgot to do so!!)

For my good friend :icontacticalnutmeg: You guys should check her out~!!

Anywho- I don't own anything here but the story (and myself of course~)
You belong to :iconalfredfjonesplz: :D

Tips and Comments will be greatly appreciated as always~!!
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:faint: I would die if i got pushed into zombies and creepy stuff like that!! Dude, you must've been brave!! :icongreatjobplz:
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It was awesome and sweet and- FAKCISNCHS.
And I can't do rides! I get sick easy! XD But I love haunted houses! (Though they scare the crap out of me)
And you kidding me? I was trying not to scream my head off! XD Everything was jumping out at me and chasing me and I was trying to run away or cling to my friend but instead he just kept pushing me forward! I didn't have a choice! XD
SugarAnimeKitty99 Featured By Owner Feb 18, 2013  Hobbyist
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:nods: I guess it is that feel of accomplishment you get after you conquer a ride~

Oh my!! :iconshockplz: I would've killed my friend if they'd do that to me!! :faint:
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