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January 20, 2013
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Hetalia America x Reader x England - I never knew confusion would hurt me so much.

There is no swearing in here - just two naughty words a certain Englishman would say..

You sat in the cold rain, on a bench which belonged to the deserted town park, clutching your phone to your chest. You had texted and left a voice message for Alfred to meet you there, so you could finally confess; you have liked that loud American for a long while now, you just wanted to say how you felt and how you wanted to be more than friends. However, it has been about two hours since the arranged meeting time, where was he?

The weather forecast said nothing about rain, so you wore your casual clothes. But now, those clothes were soaked and your make up had run off your cheeks, leaving noticeable lines and marks. However, you still didn't move from your place. There was a chance Alfred had misplaced the keys to his car, woke up late or had gotten lost on the way, right? He is Alfred, your good friend, of course he would meet you! Right?

There were many things you wanted to say but never had the chance to. You looked up to the sky, closed your eyes and ignored the icy-pricks on your cheeks, thinking of the previous events of the day.

Yes, Alfred was popular in your school, but that didn't stop you from liking his gentle smiles, his loud, cheery self, and the way every time you were around him, you couldn't help but to feel warm inside. It was love, you knew it. He had many fans/girls after him, and so you silenced your feelings to keep him as your friend. But, those feelings had to come out, sooner or later, and this was supposed to be the day you told him how you felt.

So where was he?

The rain had suddenly stopped and you opened your stiff eyelids, seeing an umbrella hover over you. You sat up and felt a sudden icy spike shoot through your body, making you tense up, it was freezing! You looked down at the palms of your hands and fingers, they were hard to move, pale and had blue and purple dots appearing on them. You gazed up at the person holding the umbrella. Luckily, you knew this person very well, in fact he was a good friend, but it wasn't the person you hoped for. It wasn't Alfred; it was Arthur.

"Dear! What are you doing here in the cold, wet rain?!" He cried, putting a hand on your forehead. "You need to get out of this rain now! You have a temperature."

"A-Al.." You whispered, before your eyelids became heavy and everything you saw turned black.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You awoke, in Arthur's living room, on a couch with a warm fluffy blanket and a chilly ice pack on your head.
"Are you awake ____?" He said, walking into the grand living room with a posh-looking tea set on a silver tray, you nodded and watched as he settled it on the coffee table in front of you. The smell of Earl Grey wafted into your nose.
"Are you alright?" He curiously said as he looked at you with tender eyes. You nodded again, you didn't have the strength to speak. You watched as he poured some tea in a cup and said, "Would you like some tea love?" holding a saucer with a cup sitting on it. You shook your head, you weren't thirsty; you were uneasy, and it seemed that Arthur noticed and understood that.

"Alright then dear," he said sternly, placing his cup on his saucer, "there is a shower upstairs, you can have a warm scrub, get out of those soggy clothes and you can also get your mind off, or think of, certain things." He smiled at you, his eyes softening.
You weakly smiled back and said, "Thanks Arthur..."
He stood up and walked of the room, his voice echoing, "So then I will find a towel and some spare clothes for you."

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip (number 2!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You soon found yourself by the bathroom door, with a towel and a change of Arthur's spare clothes in your arms. You slowly stepped in, closed the door behind you and leaned on it, sighing deeply. It wasn't really strange for you to be showering around Arthur's house, you were both really good friends and you even stayed over for dinner a couple of times.

As warm water washed the chills away, you thought of many things and they hurt you inside. Why didn't Alfred turn up? Where would he be on a Saturday afternoon? Surely hamburgers could wait!
The more mini arguments you had with yourself and more the questions you asked, the more irritated you were. But it was strange, Alfred was acting... differently this week. He avoided talking to you and even looking at you. He had even dodged and turned away conversations with you and you just didn't get it! Maybe it was you who was acting differently.

You grunted, "I sound crazy, like Natalia!" to no one but yourself. You ignored anymore incoming thoughts and gotten dressed in Arthur's large union jack t-shirt and dark blue jeans.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~Time Skip (number 3!) ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

You stepped down the stairs and settled down on the dining room table across Arthur and sighed, holding a teacup filled with newly made tea he had given you.

"So, why were you out there in the cold ____?" He asked, breaking the silence, "You're lucky you didn't freeze!"

You found your voice and simply said, avoiding eye contact,  "I was supposed to be meeting Alfred." 

He gasped in shock and then looked at you seriously, "______, didn't you know he was out with (name-of-person-you-really-dislike)? I saw them together, walking out of the cinema."  

You tensed up, you knew (name-of-person-you-really-dislike) quite well. She was the kind of girl who grabbed and snatched any, and every, boy in her grasp. You weren't the type of person who hated and negatively thought of people, but she was an acceptation. You hated how she always thought that she was "better" than everyone and the way she bitterly treated everyone. Besides all this, she still got brainless boys following her like lost puppies.

You truly hated her.

"____..... _____? ____!!" Arthur yelled, snapping you back to reality, and before he could say anything else - you stood up and turned to leave Arthur's house. "Where are you going _____?! It's a bloody storm outside!!" He shouted, quickly standing up and grabbing your wrist.

Tears stung at your eyes, but it wasn't from the tight grip on your wrists, "I have to go Arthur! She's just going to manipulate him! I need to find Alfred and tell him!!"

He looked away from you, still holding on to your wrist. "Why?" But before you could reply, you thought you saw tears running down his cheeks. "Why do you decide to go through extremes just for Alfred? I have always been here for you and I always will. Can you not see my feelings for you?!" He let go of your wrist and wiped his tears away.

You awkwardly laughed, confused, "Arthur, what are you talking a-"

"I love you _____! Damn it!" He yelled, "I can't help but to be jealous that the only thing you think about is him!" And before you knew it, his hands were on your cheeks and his soft lips touched yours.

It was a sweet kiss but you soon pulled away, surprised and confused. Now you had no idea who you loved more, Alfred or Arthur, you had no idea what to do next and you never knew that confusion would hurt you so much.
This is also a Contest Entry for :iconcandyapplekiss:
The theme was "I never knew ______ would hurt me so much (fill in the blank with one word!)" And so I filled the blank with "confusion". :D
Eeep! My first contest is now done!

So I guess this is a love triangle thing?
It took quite a lot of thinking and typing over and over again to get this story~! The challenge/theme was really hard! But it was fun~!!
:D I normally don't do time skips but now I feel like a time lord :o !!

Yes, a certain Englishman will say some certain naughty words... :iconenglandomgplz: :( But there is no swearing here!! :)

Oh! I also mention (the-name-of-the-person-you-really-dislike) here! I thought of giving her a name but then thought against it. But, there is an actual girl like that in my school and I am not really the type of person who can hate easily. I just really, really dislike her! ;p ((I guess there is always room for forgiveness :) ))

Any Comments or Tips on writing will be greatly appreciated~!!

Contest Belongs to :iconcandyapplekiss:

Hetalia Characters belong to :iconhimaruyaplz:

And You Belong to :iconalfredfjonesplz: / :iconhetaoniukmagicplz: (or yourself?)

:happybounce: I guess I own the story line~! :icononioncleanplz:
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aisha101forever Featured By Owner Jan 21, 2014
W-weh..but i love both..
SilentGirl888 Featured By Owner Jan 6, 2014  Hobbyist Artist
I BELONG TO NEITHER, TO THE TARDIS WITH THE DOCTOR!!! I'm sure that and (name-of-person-you-really-dislike) and Alfred would make the perfect match. Oh! But what we have is a perfect match like night and day~
INomYourSoul Featured By Owner Sep 15, 2013
I know a girl at school who acts exactly like how you described Ms. (name-of-person-you-really-dislike)! :iconamgplz: This made my night! XD
SugarAnimeKitty99 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2013  Hobbyist
:meow: Really? :iconohmyglobplz: Hahah! :D Thank you for reading~ :dance: 
xPhantomOfTheNighTx Featured By Owner Jul 25, 2013
-channels Jeopardy into comment- ill take the British Gentleman for $1000, Alex XD I loved the story btw
SugarAnimeKitty99 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist
:iconenglandgiggleplz: Hahah! $1000?!! :iconshockplz:
:D Thank you~! :huggle: I don't really write stories like these much.... I prefer to write more fluffier stories~ which probably is why I am not so keen on this particular piece I wrote. :meow: 
xPhantomOfTheNighTx Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013
You underestimate my love for England .-. XD I truly did enjoy reading it. I thought it was original. Normally you find CountryXReaderXCountry stories and they're always the reader loving both of them and both of the countries being okay with her loving both of them, and this is like a love triangle so it's really unique ^-^
OtakuAnimegirl13 Featured By Owner Jun 30, 2013  Hobbyist General Artist
Hmmm..... A guy who didn't show up,is avoiding me, and dating someone I hate with out telling me...or a guy who is sweet -and loves me. I choose Arthur. <3
SugarAnimeKitty99 Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2013  Hobbyist
Hahaha! I think I kinda made Reader-chan favour Arthur in this story ^^; :D :iconbritainidunnoplz:

kittycat17643 Featured By Owner Jun 14, 2013
i wove it! X3!!!!
but i could not pick which one.... WHAT AM I SAYING
i would pick iggy over dumb ass over hear...XD
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