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Hetalia: Russia x Reader: Warming Up Before Christmas [Requested]

Your local town square looked absolutely dazzling today. Even though it was only a few days until Christmas Eve, and it was quite a chilly night, the little delights of the town made you enjoy your little stroll to the shops. Unlike some others, you didn't mind the cold, you had even walked a little slower than usual to appreciate the sights!

Decorative and sparkling lights were wrapped around lamp posts and borders of shop windows. Being heard from every corner of the town were uplifting christmas songs, which were sung by caroling locals in the centre of the square. And behind the group of carolers, there were Christmas trees and a larger, towering Christmas tree in the middle. Gazing at the trees, you noticed that the tallest one was the only one with a glowing star above it while the rest had sweet little angels on them. You were then reminded that you still had to go shopping! 

And so, drawing your wandering eyes away from the stunning sights of the town square, you entered a small but cozy shop to buy decorations for your own christmas tree at home. Turning a blind corner, you bumped into someone you least expected you would meet during the holidays. 

It was your colleague, and the tall Russian man you had developed feelings for, Ivan. He was wearing his usual winter's coat, and his usual purple scarf displayed itself around his neck. He once told you that his scarf was another part of his body, and that it once had the urge to strangle your American colleague Alfred. Though Ivan seemed quite cold like his representing country, Russia, he was actually a warm sweet-heart once you grew to know him better. 

"Hello Ivan!" You beamed, seeing him for the first time in a long while.
A small smile curved his lips as he saw you, "Privyet, [Name]. What are you doing here on this cold night?"
You pointed behind him, at some colourful christmas decorations you were planning to look at before meeting the Russian, "I wanted to decorate my Christmas tree today before my family comes and visits for Christmas. What about you?"
"It was a nice night and I wanted to wonder around the town for a bit, I wondered into this little shop and then met you." Ivan explained, then he turned around and pointed at some white tinsel, "Can I help you choose what to decorate your tree with?"
You couldn't help but smile wider or accept his offer, "Sure, of course you can!"


It may have taken longer for you to choose a style of decorations if you were alone, but luckily you had Ivan to help you on this special occasion. He suggested to have some decorations that look like snow flakes you could hang on the tree and in the end, you both had chosen silver and white baubles, white tinsel and a (Star/Angel) to place on the top. 

"Do you have one of these?" Ivan asked, reaching up to take a Christmas wreath.
Your eyes widened, "Ah! Oh, I don't have a wreath yet! How could I forget! Let's get it then!"
He softly chuckled, "You're so silly, okay, let's buy it."
You turned, smiling to yourself, "O-okay. Thanks Ivan... I guess..."

You purchased the decorations and exited the shop with Ivan. He tugged his scarf upwards as the cold wind blew, "Are you going home now, [Name]?" 
You nodded, "Yes, I am, I have done my shopping after all!" 
"I'll give you a hand then," Ivan announced, his gloved hand brushing past yours to help you with the shopping.
"You don't really have to, but thanks." You shyly spoke, smiling at the fact that your crush was walking with you home.


On the way home, a warm conversation started brewing between you two. You chatted about your plans of spending Christmas with your family and how you normally spent it  like every other year before. In turn, Ivan began talking about how he would spend his Christmas with his sisters and, even-though they didn't normally celebrate it on the day you did, he would make some make some matryoshka dolls for Ded Maroz or Father Frost with them.

"It's cold, isn't it?" Ivan chuckled, holding down his scarf as the wind started to blow hastily.
"Yes it is, but I don't mind it though," You added, "It's nice to have some change in the weather, sometimes I'd say it's quite refreshing."
"I see." Ivan nodded, "Oh, isn't this your house?"
"Oh yeah, yes it is!" You turned to the Russian, "Yes it is, thanks for helping me Ivan!" 
"Will you be okay with all these?" He asked, lifting the plastic bags. 
"Hm... I should be fine," You pondered for a bit, but then finally asked, "Actually, would you like to decorate the tree with me?" 
"Sounds like a good idea!" He nodded, sweetly smiling.


Ivan stepped into your house, ducking his head slightly for the door, he was looking around fascinated like a child, "Wow, your house is big!"
"I wouldn't say it's big," You giggled, closing the front door and taking off your warm boots, "I would say its comfortable and cozy!"
"It's warm too..." Ivan added, placing the plastic bags of decorations in the living room and wandering in, whispering to himself, "Oh, is that the Christmas tree? It's as tall as me! How did she do it all by herself? Wow!"

Stuffing your coat's pockets with your gloves, and hanging it on the coat hooks, you mentioned to Ivan, "It'll be quite hot with a coat on, Ivan, so you can hang yours here too." 
"Ah yes!" The Russian nodded, scurrying to the pegs, hanging his coat and abandoning his military boots by yours. You giggled to yourself, you had not seen such a cute, childish Ivan before.

"Oh," Seeing him dressed in a navy wooly jumper with his scarf still on, you asked, "What about your scarf, Ivan?"
He replied, fixing his scarf and walking back to the living room, "I'll keep it on, yes, I told you earlier that it was like another part of me remember?" 
You followed, nodding, "Okay, okay, I got it. You are the inseparable pair, right?"
"Da, that's right!" He laughed softly.  

"Well!" You began, clapping your hands together, "Let's start decorating!"
"What's first?" Ivan asked, already taking out the decorations and carefully dropping them next to the tree. 
"Hm..." You wondered, trying to remember back a year ago when you had helped decorate a Christmas tree. "Should we start with the baubles and those snowflake decorations?"
"Okay." Ivan nodded, passing you decorations to share with each other. 


With the help of Ivan once again, you were almost done with the decorating! He determined to help in someway, Ivan also added that he would even use his height as an advantage. In fact, most of the time he insisted he took care of the top of the tree. 
You giggled at his childishness, "Haven't you decorated a christmas tree before, Ivan?"
His eyes were pulled away from the tree and met yours, "I did when I was young, but now my sisters always seem to get it finished before I get the chance to help."
"Ah I see..." You sighed, then laughed, "Then that's a good thing you're helping me decorate this then!"
Ivan nodded, sweetly smiling. "I think it is, yes." 

You both then finished wrapping the wintery tinsel around the tree, and sat down to look up at it in awe. "I feel that we're missing something, [Name]." Ivan spoke, looking at the top of the tree. 
"Oh yes!" You sprung up onto your feet, quickly walking to the decorations, "The (Star/Angel) to put on top!"
"Do you want to put it on top, [Name]?" Ivan asked, standing up once again.
"Yes, please!" You grinned widely like a little child. You noticed that you may have looked childish and blushed in embarrassment, "Ah, sorry, the child-like me has escaped I guess?"
"Don't worry about it, it's cute." Ivan smiled, saying heart-pounding things so nonchalantly. 
"I-I'll find a stool for me to step on or something!" You stuttered, trying to find yourself something to do rather than standing there beside your crush with heat radiating off of you. 
"It's okay, [Name]." Ivan's soothing voice took over your thoughts, "I'm here, yes?"
"S-sure...?" You wondered what he meant but completely understood it when he wrapped his strong arms around your thighs and lifted you up until you were taller than the tree itself. 


You both then sat yourselves down on the couch and drank some hot chocolate you had made a few minutes after you completed your Christmas tree. You both drank the chocolatey reward and discussed what else you could do to make your house feel a little more Christmassy. 

"Hm.." You sighed, taking sips of your hot chocolate a little at a time. You looked at Ivan who was blowing quietly to cool down his hot chocolate. Your eyes then wandered around the room, thinking of ideas, until they stopped at the snowflake styled decorations hanging on the tree. Oh how you wished it would snow soon...

"Ah!" You beamed, an idea striking you, "Paper snowflakes!"
Ivan repeated, "Paper snowflakes?" 
"Yes!" You laughed, "You know, with the folding and the cutting? They're really easy and fun to make, and I bet they'll look great stuck on the window! As if it's a charm for it to be a snowy white Christmas or something!"
"Sounds fun, yes." Ivan nodded, taking a gulp of his warm hot chocolate, "Let's do that!"
"Okay! I'll be right back, I need to find some paper, sticky tape and some scissors upstairs!" You beamed, racing upstairs.


A short while later, after you had gathered all of the necessary equipment to make paper snow flakes, you dashed excitedly downstairs to see Ivan lying down on the floor looking at your new pet hamster.

You giggled, placing down the essential objects on the coffee table and joined the Russian, lying down too, "I see you found my hamster?"
"I didn't know you had a pet..." He whispered, staring at the hamster as it stared back at him, "It's small... What type of hamster is it?" 
"It's a Russian Dwarf hamster," You softly giggled, "Hey, maybe you could get along?"
"Really?" His eyebrows furrowed, as he cautiously sat up, "I don't know.."
"Do you want me to take it out?" You asked, bring the cage closer to the two of you as you kneeled. 
"Hm? Okay..." He nodded, awaiting for you to take out the furry little mammal. 

You scooped up the hamster, where it sat in your hand patiently. You stroked the small animal and smiled, "Here." You flattened your hand, motioning for Ivan and the hamster to interact. Ivan, taking your signal, held his hand out nervously. You carried your hand next to Ivan's and the hamster smelt his hand. The hamster took a few more sniffs of his hand before placing a small paw on it. You looked up at Ivan, who seemed completely absorbed at the little pet of yours. However, unfortunately, it felt it had no need to go on his hand and scurried back into yours. 

"Ah..." A sigh escaped the Russian's lips, as he looked dejected, "I was rejected by a hamster..."
You softly laughed, "Aw! Ivan, I wouldn't worry about it, my hamster is new after all! He isn't really used to anyone but me yet."
Another sigh slipped out of Ivan, his shoulders slumping. You placed the hamster back slowly into its cage, and softly wrapped your arms around his shoulders, rocking gently side to side. You couldn't help it, he was too adorable! 
You let go of the Russian, rose from sitting and tapped him on the back, "C'mon, cheer up, it'll get used to you one day! I'm sure!"
Ivan got up, nodding to himself, "Okay, I'll be sure that hamster will like my by the end of next year!"
"See! You've already have a New Year's resolution though it is no where near New Year yet!" You giggled, and then suggested, "How about we wash our hands then cut out some snowflakes?"


You were both cozy, legs under the coffee table, hands busy cutting and folding the paper. You chatted more with the Russian, and found that when Ivan was younger he had been rejected by a hamster quite brutally before. You asked, surprised, "Ah really?!" and watched Ivan nod his head in despair. 

That time you spent cutting paper, was made special as you got more about each other. Unfortunately, it was then soon (which felt like it was too soon) when the all the paper was turned into snowflakes, big and small. Ivan was back into his good mood as he quickly sat up and gave you a hand to transport the snowflakes to the inner ledge of the living room's window. Chatting some more, you both took your time to stick the snowflakes on the window. 

"[Name], I have another idea," He smiled, "But can I have one or two pieces of paper please?"
"Oh sure, I'll get some more upstairs." You agreed, curious on what he is to do.
"I'll stick more of these on the window in the mean time."
"That'll be great, thank you!" You smiled, before rushing quickly up the stairs to find some more paper. 


Returning back to the living room, you found the snowflakes nicely decorated by the window and Ivan just finishing it all off. 
"I have the paper you wanted!" You called, holding up the two sheets, getting the Russian's attention."
He looked round and nodded, "Thank you."

Ivan walked back to the coffee table where bits of cut out paper and the scissors still were. You watched him snip away, concentrating on the paper in his hands. 
"Tada!" He announced, unfolding the paper to proudly reveal paper (Stars/Angels) joined together in a chain, "I remember learning this from my sister."
You looked at the decorations in amazement, "Wow! Will you be sticking this on the window too?"
"Of course." He nodded, standing up again to stick it by the window, "There all done, looks good, yes?"
"I think when my family comes over, they'll love it!" You beamed, you then noticed how dark it became outside. Since it was winter, it was only understandable that the sun slept more and gave the moon time to shine, but even so, it was really dark! 

"Ah," You heard Ivan exclaim as he too looked out the window, "It's really dark."
"Yeah," You sighed, "I think your sisters would be worrying a lot!"
"Do not worry, it isn't that late!" Ivan said, cheering you up a little, "Since I helped you decorate your living room for Christmas, I think I didn't waste time at all!"
You asked shyly, "Really?" 
"Yes," He chuckled, "I enjoyed this night a lot, thank you [Name]."
"Don't worry about it, I should be thanking you." You laughed, "After all, tonight wasn't as boring as I thought it would! It came out rather fun! So, thank you too Ivan."
Ivan smiled sweetly, "It was fun with you too [Name]."


With the living room all decorated and done, the bits of paper in the bin, the hot chocolate all finished, Ivan prepared to leave your house. He was already outside your front door when you decided to ask, "Won't you be cold?" 
He simply chuckled, tugging on his scarf once again, "No, I like the cold too, remember? Sometimes, I would say it's rather refreshing." 
You laughed along with him, noticing he used your line earlier, "Okay then, just don't go catching a cold!" 

"Don't worry [Name], I won't." He nodded, smiling as he walked closer to you. He pointed up and laughed, "There's mistletoe there, [Name]."
"R-Really? There shouldn't be any he--" You stuttered, about to look up but then was interrupted as the Russian gave you a quick peck on the lips. After the kiss, you instinctively covered your mouth shyly, "I-I meant, there shouldn't be any here..." You looked upwards to make sure, and you were right! There wasn't any mistletoe there! 
Ivan chuckled, "Sorry, I couldn't help it, I wanted to have an excuse to kiss you."
"Oh you!" You laughed in embarrassment, your cheeks warm against the cold night's breeze. 
"I should go now, [Name]." Ivan waved, beginning to walk off, "I'll call you later." 
"O-okay!" You called after him, waving to his back. "Bye..."

You closed the door, feeling a bit lonely as your house was once again empty. You walked into the paper winter wonderland you and Ivan created only minutes ago, and smiled. He said he would call you later too, and you couldn't help but feel excited and await his call. You decided to huddle next to your hamster cage and squeal and express your excitement to the little Russian Dwarf hamster. 

You stroked the little mammal who was now standing up on its hind feet, "Ah, I hope Ivan does get used to you soon. Oh, and don't you go rejecting him next time, okay?"
The little mammal stared at you innocently, as if it was understanding each word you said. 
"Aw! Okay! I can't stay mad!" You giggled, scooping the hamster up with your hand and talking to it directly, "You're just as adorable as Ivan! Hm... Hey! That's something else you both have in common!"

Hahah! :iconorzplz: Well, this was supposed to be uploaded before Christmas... Hehehe ^^; 

This is actually my 1st Russia Reader Insert ever! :iconfinallyplz: Heheh~ :meow: Russia's quite a cutie isn't he? :squee:

:happybounce: Anyways, I opened up requests for a little while as a little present for my watchers, and AkasunaYuki3 requested for a fluffy Russia Reader Insert and DerpyOceanRose wanted the same, just with Reader-chan actually liking the cold! (Reader-chan doesn't really care about the cold in this reader-insert though hehee ;w; ) 
Hope you enjoyed it you guys!! :heart: :huggle:


You may or may not have noticed, instead of "Da" (which is like his signature line) at the end of most sentences, I have written "Yes" instead. This is because Da is basically Yes. xD And I wanted to see a little change every now and then, and to not also bore you guys with "Da" everytime~

For some reason, I added a Hamster in this story... And so I apologise if anyone doesn't like little critters like them...

:happybounce: Oh! I have a hamster! Have I told you about him? (Well, I think it's a him...) 
:love: His name is Sir Augustus Theodore Fluffington the First!! :squee: But you could say, Sir Fluffington for short or Fluffy for short short! :meow: He's just adorbs, and he's a Russian Dwarf Hamster~ :icononionx3plz: 


:iconrussiaisloveplz: Ah~ Anyways! Please comment if silly me has written something totally wrong, and also comment if you have some tips for my writing in the future! ^w^ 
As always, I don't own anything here but the story line and myself (of course) and you belong to :iconrussiawinkplz: ;d
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